Informatics and you: meet Dr. Mia Lustria

Joining Jim Fetig and Kathi Wallace of Georgia Tech on the measurement panel will be Dr. Mia Lustria, assistant professor at Florida State University’s College of Information. She conducts research on consumer health informatics and health communication. “Huh?,” you may ask. Here’s how she explains it.

Dr. Lustria:
Consumer health informatics involves the purposive use of information and communication technologies for health education and promotion. My particular area of research involves the design and evaluation of online, interactive and computer-tailored behavioral interventions focused on helping inform and educate individuals about better health behaviors and equipping them with the skills to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Q. How and where does your work intersect with public relations and marketing?

2. Dr. Lustria: Behaviors, particularly health behaviors, are not easy to change or affect. Knowledge often does not directly translate into behavior change. In a way, health communication involves persuading individuals to engage in desired behaviors. We have learned a lot from PR/marketing field about how best to do this using different media.

Q. Tell us something about you that’s not on your bio.

3. Dr. Lustria: Aside from having a busy career, I have 4 kids, ages 5-16 – I had 3 during my Masters, 1 during my PhD. When people ask me how I do it – I give all the credit to my supportive husband, Yul. I also tell them that my kids are my reason for everything that I strive for – I never make them my excuse for not accomplishing my goals. My family helps me keep everything in the right perspective.


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