Public Relations: What has and hasn’t changed

Peter Himler was our keynote speaker at the Connect dinner last tonight at the Foundry Park Inn.  He talked about his thoughts on Public Relations explaining that many are using social media but there is still a need for using the PR basics as well as traditional media.  Some of the points he made are:

  • The challenge with mainstream media is it’s so fragmented, but companies still want it.  That is how they measure results.
  • Public Relations is still measured by the amount of print and air time we get.
  • Clients must be online so that they are searchable.
  • We are in a kind of “ying yang situation” according to Himler. We are trying to move forward with social media but are getting pulled back with the continued need for traditional PR.

Himler also stated that Public Relations has a great future because practitioners don’t have to filter through journalists anymore.  They can finally speak directly to the audience and create a more authentic message. 

Many examples were given on how companies are listening to online conversations.  One company was Comcast.  They responded to a customer who was complaining on Twitter about how Comcast kept not showing up for their appointment.  Nice job Comcast!

Once the bad pitching topic came up, Himler had his opinion on the important things to remember when creating a pitch: Keep pitches short, sweet, relevant and CONVERSATIONAL.

Himler really feels like Public Relations touches all media and everything we do. This is why he focuses his blog, The Flack, on that topic.  Thanks for speaking Peter!

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