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Kami Huyse on Relationship Building

The third session began with Kami Huyse, principal of the PR virtual agency MyPRPro, speaking on relationship building.  

Huyse spoke about how social media may actually facilitate true two-way communication in the practice of public relations.  

She talked about a popular topic at the conference this year, communities, and how they differ from publics.  While a public comes together for a certain purpose and may break apart after that purpose, a community comes together for a certain purpose and usually sustains.  

The three main steps Huyse emphasized were to listen, participate, and contribute.  You should start by reading blogs, following blogrolls, and seeing how people are connected in a community.  Next, you can participate by posting comments on a blog or communicating through Twitter.  Finally, you should contribute bringing your organization into the community. Through these steps, you can blend the interests of the organization with the interests of the community.  

The main reason communities are important is because it is impossible for an organization to build one-on-one relationships with every customer, therefore it should strive to build a relationship with the community as a whole.  

Great discussion, thanks Kami! Next up will be Dr. Kaye Sweetser also speaking on relationship building.

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