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3 keys to Internet law

In the social media space…

  1. Police or enforce your own brands online.
  2. Make sure that you and your clients don’t infringe these laws. According to Isenberg, this is very easy to do.
  3. Be aware of what tools you’re using. What are the terms of service that apply? Be careful what you’re agreeing to. (For example, when you post content to Facebook, you automatically grant Facebook the right to use, publish and distribute that content for ANY purpose.)

Add “GigaLaw” to your dictionary

In a few short minutes, Doug Isenberg, founder of the GigaLaw Firm, will introduce us to the world of Internet law — a topic that’s Greek to many due to the fact that it’s so new.

Doug is a smart guy, so brilliant that he invented his own word, “GigaLaw,” also the name of his Web site. So what does it mean?

The phrase refers to intellectual property, technology and Internet law. “Giga” is a prefix that means 1 billion and is commonly used in reference to high-tech devices (gigahertz, gigabytes, etc.).

Extra tidbit: Isenberg’s “GigaLaw” is protected by federal trademark No. 2,451,901. This number will be on the quiz.

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