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Social Media Measurement

Jim Fetig and Kathi Wallace from Georgia Tech   spoke on measuring user-generated media. 

Social media is fluid.  So, how do we measure it? Don’t measure output, you have to measure outcome. 

Case Study:

Audience: 42% of Americans say the Internet played a major role as they decided on a college.

Traditional journalism is rapidly changing: 70% of journalists read blogs for work and 70 million people watch YouTube videos every month.

Case study questions: What’s the norm for visibility? How does this compare to the traditional model?  Are the measurements the same?

Focusing research on:

  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Institution blogs
  • YouTube


One action they took was comparing media outcomes in traditional media space to social media outcomes.

  • General institution news (discussion of campus life, events and news of student groups) drove better visibility.
  • Actions and achievements of students were much more prevalent in social media than in traditional media.
  • Social media gave an equal opportunity for message communication just like traditional outlets did.  Social media was not as uncontrolled as they expected.

Another question they asked was is there engagement around Georgia Tech related topics in social media?  They measured this looking at:

  • Comments
  • Inbound links
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Forum thread length 

One thing they found was that low visibility does not mean low engagement.

Lots of questions on this subject.  Thanks Jim and Kathi for showing the Connect audience what your experience has been.


A Few Minutes with Jim Fetig

Jim Fetig is the Associate Vice President of Institute Communications and Public Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In his position, he leads the public relations office, reports directly to the president, as well as serving as spokesperson for the Institute and its chief communications counselor.

Before Georgia Tech, Fetig’s posts included vice president of public relations for Lockheed Martin and vice president for media relations his last governmental position was as director of public affairs for the National Security Council at the White House. Fetig served as a U.S. Army officer, holding positions in the Pentagon as special assistant to the Chief of Staff, directing media strategy.

Connect attendees can look forward to learning about developing new media metrics from Fetig, which he cites as the most important achievement in his new media career. Fetig lists Katie Paine as his biggest influence on his new media career.

When asked about 3 facts about his career not found in his biography, Fetig listed “1) I once beat Johnnie Cochran at PR. 2) I enjoy working with lawyers. 3) I have mentored dozens of successful protégés.”

His advice to PR educators and professionals is “It’s about the audience, stupid! It’s not about you.”

For more about Jim Fetig, see his LinkedIn profile

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