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I want to go to Mars too!

If you wonder why Elizabeth Albrycht is talking about going to Mars someday or about the large hadron collider (It’s the largest particle accelerator in the world. Don’t worry I had no idea either), it’s because she loves “big science” (and has the science fiction novels to prove it).

She started in management consulting (after she and an aptitude test she took in high school decided PR was a good route for her) but has spent most of her career in technology, hence the love of “big science.”

Her reason for speaking at conferences is to create more discussions about the changes social media technology is bringing to the profession. It wasn’t easy for her to start speaking at conferences, she had to co-launch a conference (New Communications Forum) to “break in.”

Elizabeth is so fascinated by the changes in PR that she has moved from day-to-day PR implementation to studying some of the big issues that she thinks PR will have to deal with such as digital identity and the emergence of decisions in online environments. She is currently researching this topic while living in Versailles, walking the same paths that Marie Antoinette did.

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