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Interview with Lionel Menchaca

Addition: here’s Michael Wesch’s YouTube page.


Corporations and Social Media

We just wrapped up the first speaker of the day, Lionel Menchaca, who is the chief blogger from Dell.

Lionel began the morning with the idea that great value exists within social media for corporations.

– It allows us [corporations and organizations] to become more human.

Moreover, there is a always a conversation about your brand whether it’s on flickr, YouTube, facebook, or some other platform. Acknowledging that there is a bigger universe outside of your organization allows you to build your own community as well as reach out to the outside of your community.

According to Lionel, Dell seamlessly combines forums, blogs, wikis–not everyone knows the difference between terms, so creating an atmosphere for easy communication is key.

– Organizations must try to do this in order to engage its audience.

Moreover, Lionel stressed the importance of researching the environment before creating the community because we NEED to be aware of what is needed within our community.

In the end, Lionel stated that corporations MUST have flexibility.

Next speaker, all the way from France, Elizabeth Albrycht.

Addition: Elizabeth posted her remarks for those who missed the Skype presentation.

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