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Social Media Marketing Ecosystem: A Perspective

Burt DuMars speaks about how Newell Rubbermaid is utilizing social media to market the many products within the company. 
Social media is allowing conversation about MANY different products
Rubbermaid’s approach to social media marketing
  • Education and experimentation
  • Use forrester research POST methodology; People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology
  • Talk to other companies and brands
  • Listen first 
  • Start small by experimenting. This is about people and humanizing your brand, company, products and services. It is important to keep in mind that ALL the communication within a campaign is part of the entire corporation’s mission, therefore everything must be factored in.
  • Biggest resource costs are people, time, and energy
  • Energy is the MOST important part
Graco car seat campaign
Campaign is using a lot of social media including the following:
  • Micro-Site
  • Twitter
  • Mommy bloggers
  • Must develop relationship with consumer early or you lose them
  • Having well-known contributor in the site/campaign helps credibility of company
         Issue with only one contributor:
           -Where do you go when your one blogger leaves, dies, etc.? 
            -You need more integrated people to uphold company or product
  • Videos which are generated from stay-at-home moms and dads
Ratings and Reviews:
  • Consumer opinion is more trusted than experts’ opinions
  • Integrated ratings and reviews into Web site
  • Do not hold back on negative reviews 
Social Networking:
  • Rubbermaid gives option to share content from their site on other social networking sites
  • Rubbermaid has blogs that take actual Rubbermaid products and tests the company’s claims
  • Social Media Fatigue
  • Stereotyping certain customers
  • Monitor demographics of customers because may NOT be connecting with target

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